How To Keep Fresh Coffee In Your Tank

How To Keep Fresh Coffee In Your Tank

If you read our blog about grocery store coffee, then you’re already familiar with the basic idea of coffee freshness. If you haven’t, we suggest you start off with How to avoid stale grocery store coffee.  For this blog, we wanted to go more in-depth on the topic of fresh coffee and cover the topics which normally wouldn’t cross your mind. Buckle up, and let's take off the valve cover and see what really makes your engine tick.

In general, coffee beans are only at peak freshness for 2-3 weeks past roast. Once they get past that 2-3 week time window, they start losing their intoxicating smell and powerful taste which leads to a much less enjoyable drinking experience. This is something you won’t hear from all those other “fresh” coffee companies, but you will hear from us since the coffee from us is always within peak freshness. So you might be asking yourself “what does Motorized Coffee do to ensure that the coffee stays as fresh as possible?” We actually do several things! 

Race Fuel Premium Coffee | Motorized Coffee Company

First and foremost, we use the highest quality beans that are packed with as much flavor as possible for the best morning cup of joe. Our roasts have been carefully selected to match the taste palates that our gear-heads love.  Second, we roast to order which means your roasted coffee is on average only 7-10 days old by the time it gets to you. This means that we only roast your bag of beans AFTER your order is placed, so shipping time is the freshness time.

The next two features are ones you might completely overlook when it comes to the freshness of your coffee but are actually very important. Our coffee bags come with a bendable metal seal built-in to keep air out of the bag and the freshness in the bag. Secondly, they are vacuum sealed before being shipped, this keeps them as fresh as possible during the shipping time. When it comes to the perfect show car, we all know the devil is in the details; details are what Motorized Coffee Company does best.  

Whole Bean - Ground Bean Coffee Roast | Motorized Coffee Company

If you’re new here, we suggest trying out some of our single-origin, whole bean coffee if you are looking for the rawest coffee experience. Don’t forget to also use our coffee quiz which uses your answers to recommend a blend that best suits your tastes! We believe that the key to a happy life is a clean car, a full gas tank, and premium Motorized Coffee in your cup.

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