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Blacksail Productions | Motorized Coffee Company

One of the key aspects of selling anything online is having good advertising for it. When you sell your car, for example, you clean it as best as you can and take pictures from angles that make it look as attractive as possible. Making coffee look attractive might sound like a difficult task but when you work with skilled people like Black Sail Production, the task becomes a bit easier.

Blacksail Productions (blacksail productions) is a full service video production company with some serious skills behind the camera. The company was founded by Sam Schwartz (@schwaafilms) who has made a reputation for himself in the automotive world thanks to his proficiency as a skill director. Together with an equally skilled group of camera people, he created Black Sail Production and has since expanded beyond just cars. They’re a very professional bunch that still maintain the “bro” status which makes them fun to work with. There is nothing worse than working with a production team that is boring, trust us, we have been there and done that (not fun). Sam and the crew were AMAZING and it felt more like talking with friends than business. We LOVE that. 

Black Sail Production | Motorized Coffee Company

When we created our video, we wanted to incorporate the car theme and environment that we all love into the coffee we sell. Mixing videos of cars tearing up asphalt with shots of our coffee beans delivers one of Motorized Coffee’s founding goals: “Bringing the community together around quality cars and premium coffee.” When working with Black Sail Productions we didn't really give them requirements, we told them to make a badass film which incorporates our values. They absolutely nailed our vision and went above and beyond to make sure we were happy. The flames on the exhaust and the flames roasting the beans? Genius! 

If you want to step up your advertisement and media content for your next video we highly suggest Blacksail Productions. They are a top-teir production business and the ones you need in your media garage! A huge thank you goes out to Sam and the crew and we look forward to working with them again in the future!

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