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Monthly Meet Signature Specialty coffee | Motorized Coffee Company

Do you like trying new coffee but never know what to get? Are you always switching up wheels and tires to get that perfect fitment combination? Then our new “Monthly Meet” option was made for you! Let’s cover the ins and outs of our Coffee of the Month to once and for all get you that perfect fitment combination when it comes to your morning brew.  

The Monthly Meet roast is a limited-time medium roast subscription that will change every month. New month means an all new specialty roast to try! Each month’s beans will take you to a different region of the world, ranging from Sumatra to Guatemala. Think of it as a road trip for your taste buds from the comfort of your own garage. This is an absolute game changer when it comes to our Coffee Club subscription members that like to try new things and change it up!

Don’t like subscriptions but still want to try this premium body fuel? Not a problem! Our Monthly Meet option is also available in single purchases for those who just want to fill up once. Just don’t sleep at the light because these are limited time roasts. This new option is the first of three roasts which will be released as part of our all new Blueprint Collection. Buckle up and keep your eyes peeled for some very exciting announcements!

Signature specialty coffee of the month for car enthusiasts | Motorized Coffee Company

Excited to hop in? Our first Monthly Meet coffee is a Sumatran roast, a coffee named after the north Sumatran Mandailing people. It’s considered one of the world's top specialty coffees with earthy and velvety-smooth tasting notes of chocolate and tobacco. Try it out and tell us what you thought about it! We’re always open to feedback from our fellow Motorized Coffee lovers.

If you’re anxious to know what the rest of the Monthly Meet roasts will be, here’s the list:

July - Sumatra
Aug. - Mexico
Sept. - Costa Rica
Oct. - Ethiopia
Nov. - Whiskey
Dec. - Guatemala

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