Coffee Pricing Update!

Coffee Pricing Update!

If you’ve been waiting for the perfect moment to try Motorized Coffee, this is it. Due to the ongoing coffee crisis, we have streamlined our pricing to ensure you get the lowest and most consistently priced orders. We’re revved up to announce that our coffee is now more affordable while still maintaining that signature quality you’re all used to. 

Starting right now, our Motorized Coffee Club Subscription is downshifting in price from $17.99 to $14.99 with free shipping on all coffee orders. This is because so many of your other gear head friends are loving the benefits and have already joined. Is a subscription not your thing? Don’t worry, we have good news for you too! Our 12oz bags are also switching gears from $17.99 with $4.99 shipping to $18.99 with FREE shipping! 

A few things have led up to the point of us streamlining our prices and we like to provide full transparency. First, we are currently going through a global coffee shortage and you will begin seeing a fluctuation in prices everywhere. Secondly, that dude getting his boat stuck in the canal did not help the supply of coffee in North America. You know who you are, not cool bro. These might all sound like bad things, but it gave us an opportunity to reassess our pricing model and make sure it will stay consistent for years to come. What that means for you is FREE SHIPPING on all coffee orders and cheaper Coffee Club Subscription prices. 

Even with these price drops, our goal remains the same: providing car enthusiasts with the quality coffee they need to keep their hooning going all morning. The lower price point of the Motorized Coffee Club Subscription should help steer you away from that stale, grocery store coffee and towards fresh, roasted-to-order body fuel. We have pre-purchased coffee supply for a year out so we can mitigate the effects of the incoming coffee price increases that other roasters are inevitably going to have to deal with. In other words, we are eating the price fluctuations by accepting smaller margins to maintain a price that beats any signature coffee brand out there. Not only is our signature coffee better, it’s also going to be the cheapest!


Still not fully fired up about joining the Club? Check out our post titled “The Benefits of Being Motorized” to learn more about what makes it such a good value for car and coffee lovers alike!

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