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Believe it or not, we here at Motorized Coffee looove coffee. I know, it’s absolutely shocking. For as long as we have been around, I’m sure you have wanted to know which one of our roasts our staff members prefer. We think knowing someone’s favorite coffee says a lot about that person. To get the answers to this pressing issue, I did what any other automotive coffee journalist would do in this situation: I asked.

Gabe - I suppose it would make sense for me to start with me, the blog writer. I’m head over heels for our Revolution Roast. I would describe it as a light, fruity taste that’s actually really refreshing. The fact that it’s a light roast also means that the caffeine hits hard so it really ticks all the boxes for me. I would pair it with The Beatles song by the same name and a blown Apex seal.
Mitch - In true Christmas fashion, our owner/social media creator Mitch went for Candy Cane as his favorite seasonal flavored roast . When I asked him why, I could see the gears turning in his head. He then said that he’s “all about flavored stuff” and I frankly can’t argue with that reasoning because this naturally flavored peppermint has been perfectly balanced
Alice- Alice from Motorized Coffee, as you might know her if you read our emails, knows better than to fetter herself with just one kind of roast. She sticks to the Coffee of the Month rotation called Monthly Meet so that she can try something new every single month. Smart girl!
Alberto- Our other owner Alberto married Race Fuel and just kept yelling “THE NOTES MAN, THE NOTES” at me when I asked him why. I didn’t dare go any further. It’s also perfect for Espresso, which Alberto goes crazy over. Who can blame him though? It's been our back to back best seller and it’s only getting better entering 2022!
Chris- Last but not least Chris, our brand/label designer, lives like a mountain man by drinking Deep Tracks. He started making weird grunts at me when I asked him what’s so special about it and all I understood was “tasting notes”, “French Press” and “OOG”. Interesting guy but hey, his taste in coffee is great and design skills are even better!

Now it’s your time to shine. What’s YOUR favorite roast? Reply to our story and we might just put your reply in the spotlight. Not sure which one you prefer yet? Well, it’s never too late to find out. Hop on over to our Collections page and get to exploring!

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