How to Make Cold Brew

How to Make Cold Brew


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Some like it hot, some like it cold. This guide is for the latter. If one were to search online there are many guides and strategies. The following is what Motorized Coffee Company has found to be most effective for making the the delicious variation of coffee know as cold brew.

What container do I use?

There are two types of containers to use, a French press or a regular thermos/water jug. Keep in mind that unless you have cold brew bags (cloth bags that essentially are over-sized tea bags) you will need to strain the cold brew with a cheese cloth or coffee filter if you use a thermos/water container.


What seems to be the pattern is that whatever amount of water is utilized, the ratio of coffee to water is at least 1:8 but as much as 1:5. So for example, a 32 oz container is 944 ml. At a minimum, 4 oz, 1 cup, or 118 grams of ground coffee is needed. For strong coffee, consider using 6.4 oz, 1.5 cups, or 189 grams of ground coffee. Below the 1:8 ratio is further explored.

  • 16 oz of water : 2 oz of coffee
  • 32 oz of water : 4 oz of coffee
  • 64 oz of water : 8 oz of coffee


It's best to go by mass or weight when measuring coffee, as this will give the most accurate reading. Note that despite having a "cup" of coffee the mass of the coffee is significantly under the 118 gram minimum. (used whole beans to demonstrate how measuring by volume can often be very misleading)

Grind Size

We've personally found that a medium grind (as shown below) is good for cold brew. But as most things in life, it it up to preference. A finer grind will produce a stronger coffee while a coarser grind will produce a lighter coffee.

Brew Time

Let the coffee grinds soak in the container for 12-24 hours. The longer it soaks, the stronger the coffee will be.


  • Grab a bag of Nitrous Oxide Espresso 
  • Medium grind 118 grams (1 generous cup) of whole bean coffee
  • Brew the coffee for 12 hours
  • Strain coffee and separate out into another container
  • Snap a pic and tag @motorizedcoffee
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