Introducing our first ever Endorsed Event: Rally4Cause's 22Rally

Rally4Cause - 22Rally Charity | Motorized Coffee Company

Remember when we said we are constantly adding benefits to our Coffee Club? Well, we are proud to announce that the newest benefit for our members consists of an exclusive discount to hand-picked and approved events!

These “Endorsed Events” are special events with a purpose that everyone here at Motorized Coffee stands behind. The first event that we are promoting to our members is Rally4Cause’s 5th Annual 22Rally. The 22Rally is a charity drive that will support Mission 22, Save A Warrior, and Veterans Inc. 

Charity Event | Motorized Coffee Company

Mission 22 and Save a Warrior both focus on aiding our veterans’ struggles at home and reducing the staggering number of veteran suicides. Veterans Inc. focuses on treating homelessness among veterans by offering numerous services and programs including housing, health & wellness, outreach, and employment training.

22Rally Charity | Motorized Coffee Company

We are honored to take part in such a project and are offering our Coffee Club members 5% off on all package levels. The rally will take place on the weekend of July 23rd to July 25th with many stops and events scattered throughout. The organizers expect over 300 high-end cars to participate in this year’s rally. If you need some quality coffee to fuel your drive, we will be serving free coffee at Sunnyside Acura in Nashua, N.H., which will be one of the rally’s leaving locations. Registration information, as well as more details about the rally itself, can be found on the rally’s official page.

If you end up taking part in the rally and post some pictures on social media, tag us! We’d love to see how our members enjoy their weekend of exotic cars and quality caffeine.

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