Keeping Cars & Coffee Alive and Motorized

Keeping Cars & Coffee Alive and Motorized

Black and white, day and night, Honda Civics and fart can exhausts. Those are all things that have gone together since the dawn of time. In the same vein as that, cars and coffee are an addicting mix of activities that get you hooked from the first time you step foot in that parking lot. Our story actually started at one of those cars and coffee events.

See our founders, Alberto and Mitch, were frequent attendants as they liked both their cars and their bodies to be turbocharged with their own specific fuel. While their cars’ turbochargers were spinning just fine, their bodies were experiencing a bit of turbo lag. The reason? Shitty coffee.

“Being car enthusiasts ourselves, we were tired of attending these cars and coffee events where coffee itself was missing or absolutely terrible,” Mitch said. “This is how our journey of fueling the car community with specialty coffee started.”

The idea was simple: provide car enthusiasts with the quality coffee they need to go about their day-to-day wrenching, racing, and observing your cool car in the driveway for fifteen minutes at a time. We want you to take pride in your morning coffee like you do your cars. Since our inception, we’ve delivered thousands of bags of coffee to garages around the country and we’ve helped support numerous automotive events by providing the free, premium coffee we wished we would have gotten before we started Motorized Coffee.

 In doing so, we’ve played our part in preserving the tradition of cars and coffee. As Alberto said, “We believe that cars and coffee go hand in hand. As car lovers and coffee aficionados ourselves, we want to ignite taste buds with the same flame that stokes the car community's passion for cars. We believe that no matter what you drive, we are all one community.”

Over the years we’ve evolved to offer so much more than just coffee! This year has held a lot of firsts for us. We started offering our first flavored coffee (Mocha Bean), we started our Monthly Meet subscription, we’ve created two new permanent brews (Cold Brew and High Boost), and we even began offering our Race Fuel brew in single-serve cups!

We have many more projects in our garage that we can’t wait to unveil to you! Now we want to hear your Motorized story. How did you come across us and how has your experience been? Tag us on Instagram @motorizedcoffee and let us know!

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