Mitch, what's in your cup?

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My name is Mitch, or Mitchell when I’m getting yelled at. I graduated from The University of Maine in 2016 with a computer science degree (still don't know how I pulled that off). In addition to a degree, I also left UMaine with a crippling addiction to caffeine. I have always been a gear head and even started a social media page for my 2015 Audi S4 (@Boston_S4, if you know you know). After attending one too many cars & coffee events that had terrible coffee on tap, my roommates and I embarked on the journey of changing the way car enthusiasts enjoy coffee.

What is your favorite coffee roast? 

I feel like this is a trick question since the cover of Supercharged is my own car. Call me a bit biased, but for that reason I’m gonna say that Supercharged is our perfect roast. I enjoy the smooth and deep dark roast tones I get from it. Being a coffee company owner, most people expect me to be a "Drink it black, none of that sugar sh** kind of guy" but that's not me. Sorry.

And how do you make it?

If you haven't used a French Press, then you are doing a huge disservice to yourself. It's like $10 bucks guys so do yourselves a favor and go snag one. It's like when you buy a new car and get the windows tinted but for your taste buds. The process is easy; if you can change your own oil, you can use a French Press. I'll break it down into the essential steps:

  1. Buy a French Press (hardest part)
  2. Grind the beans coarse or use our ground coffee
  3. Put the ground coffee into the French Press. I use approx. 1 tbsp per cup of water
  4. Boil the water (we are almost there, stick with me)
  5. Pour the water into the French Press
  6. Wait 5 minutes
  7. Strain the grounds to the bottom and pour it

Do you add anything to your coffee?

I'm a baby when it comes to coffee which I guess is also why I still can't grow a respectable beard. I like adding a splash of French vanilla creamer to my cup of coffee. You’re probably saying “Blah blah, stop right there”, and I know, I just broke a ton of cardinal rules with this comment. But honestly, if you enjoy it, does it really matter? For me, it adds a little sweetness without needing to add sugar and creamer. In the end, it’s all about efficiency. Ultimately, the French Press makes the coffee SUPER smooth while still packing the same caffeinated punch I require in the morning. Do NOT talk to me before my coffee, I will run you off the road (hypothetically - please don't @ me).

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