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Coffee Club Subscription Benefits | Motorized Coffee Company

Being a part of a car club can be a great feeling. You’re part of a unique group of people who often share the same tastes or interests. A club might also offer its members certain benefits like discounts or giveaways. Lucky for you, our Coffee Club is geared towards all of those!

Let’s start off with convenience. Signing up for our Coffee Club means coffee gets delivered to your doorstep, free of charge, every 14, 21, 30, or 60 days. You can choose either a 12 oz bag for your home or a 5 lb bag if you want everyone at the shop to experience signature premium coffee. You can even change the quantity or roast type every month based on your preference. Want to take a break? No problem! There are no cancellation fees so you can stop the subscription and come back at any time. The Coffee Club is all about how YOU drink your coffee!

Discounts! We all like premium products, especially at a cheaper price. We’ve partnered with companies like Throtl, 034Motorsport, WheelLab, UroTuning, and more to bring you the best deals on car parts and accessories. Let’s say you buy $2,200 wheels from one of our partners. With a 10% off club discount, you just saved $220 on those wheels! Combine that with the free shipping on our signature coffee and it’s like you just saved a full year's cost of the club at $216. Remember, these deals are EXCLUSIVE to our Coffee Club and new partners are being added monthly. Your membership also means you’ll automatically be entered into our monthly giveaways where you can win products from our partners, detailing supplies, wheels, and other automotive goodies. Lastly, you’ll get early access to our merch drops which means you get the opportunity to buy gear and apparel before anyone else!

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To sum it up, being a member of the Coffee Club gets you free delivery of your favorite roast at a frequency of your choosing in either 12 oz to 5 lb bags. It can also save you hundreds of dollars on quality car parts from our continuously growing list of preferred partners. Lastly, you get exclusive access to monthly giveaways and early access to our new merch drops.

Interested? Join now and let your taste buds experience the fresh-roasted, premium quality coffee they’ve missed out on!

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