The Best Grinders for your Motorized Coffee

The Best Grinders for your Motorized Coffee

Remember when we told you to grind beans, not gears? We were serious about that! If you grind beans, you can enjoy a fresh cup of our Revolution roast first thing in the morning. On the other hand, if you grind gears, you can’t take your Renault 4 down to your local Cars & Coffee every Sunday. To show our commitment to that mantra, we’re gonna tell you about some of the best coffee grinders we could find and split them into three categories: the Geo Metro (Cheapest), the Toyota Corolla (Best Overall), and the Rolls-Royce (Money Isn’t an Issue).

The Geo Metro - KRUPS Precision

Two knobs, 12 settings, it doesn’t get much easier than that. And for only $67.77, it’s the cheapest option on our list. The side knob, or more like the side dial, lets you choose between 12 different grind settings to make sure your beans are just the way you want them while the front knob allows you to choose how many cups you want to grind for. The container holds 8 oz. of coffee beans which should last you a few cups. The best part of this grinder is that instead of being a blade grinder, which uses a propeller-type blade to chop your beans, it uses burrs instead crush the coffee beans into a uniform size.




The Toyota Corolla - Baratza Encore

Now we’re getting up into the big leagues. We’re not getting our cars from “buy here, pay here” lots, no sir. We’re at the dealership now! The Baratza Encore takes the overall idea of the KRUPS and kicks it up a notch with 40 different grind settings to really let you dial in those beans. The best parts are that it does all that while still being easy to use and not breaking the bank at $169.95. This is a good middle ground between relatively cheap and absolutely ludicrous, the latter of which is up next.



The Rolls-Royce - Baratza Forte BG
Are you too rich? Does the thought of unspent money in your pocket anger you? If so, this is the coffee grinder for you. At $899.95, the Baratza Forte BG sounds like the most flexible coffee grinder out there. With 260 grind settings, a built-in digital scale, and programmable buttons to save up to 3 different grind presets, the Forte BG will grind coffee for every coffee maker from here to the moon. We’ll have the astronauts try it out.
Now that you’ve explored coffee grinders, why not explore our varieties of Motorized beans? We might not have 260 varieties, but we’re doing pretty well for ourselves and we’re always adding more flavors!

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