The End of Drivetribe

The End of Drivetribe and Foodtribe - Speculation - Finance - Bloggers- Covered by Motorized Coffee Company

If you are an automotive enthusiast then you have most likely read something on Drivetribe and enjoyed all the information the platform offered. We really wished this time hadn’t come but alas, here it is. News has come down that Drivetribe and its sister site Foodtribe will be shutting down at the end of January 2022. It’s not all bad news though! Keep reading to learn about some special news that Motorized Coffee has to share.

Unfortunately, our sources haven't been able to give us a straight answer as to why this happened. Was it funding? Was it lacking popularity? Have the Motorized Coffee blogs simply taken over the automotive blog market? We doubt it was the latter but as a coffee company we only spread the facts so we won’t dabble in rumors. What we do know however is that the social media side will live on and none of the published articles will be backed up.

While this is bad news, we took the opportunity to reach out to our personal blog writer, Gabriel Ionica. Even though the Drivetribe legacy is coming to an end, we are beyond excited  to announce that you will be seeing more blogs by Gabe over here at Motorized Coffee. Here is what he had to say about the Drivetribe news and his journey moving forward.

“To say I’m heartbroken would be the greatest understatement I’ve ever put down on virtual paper. Drivetribe is how my automotive writing career started and it has opened so many doors for me that it would take more than just this article to fully explain. In fact, Drivetribe is how I landed this gig at Motorized Coffee. Seriously! I bought a bag and after I wrote a Drivetribe article about how much I was into both the taste and the concept, they asked if I wanted to be a regular contributor. It was such a unique opportunity that I couldn’t say no and hey, here I am today,” -Gabriel Ionica
So what’s next? Motorized Coffee blogs will continue to grow and improve with the knowledge Gabe brings to our garage-based specialty coffee shop. For him, we have become a second family and we want to provide our fans with the best content possible. From our specialty coffee & catering service, to our social media & blogs, we take pride in our production quality and aim to provide the best service possible.

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