Using a Keurig Brewer

Using a Keurig Brewer

There are so many ways of making coffee that we could probably write an entire article on just about every single method ever conceived. Espresso, drip, French Press, Moka, percolate, are all perfectly viable ways of brewing everyone’s favorite bean juice. That’s not to say that all brewing methods are equally celebrated and there is one, in particular, that seems to get a lot of negative sentiments thrown at it: the Keurig.

Don’t click off just yet though! Hear us out. We’re not arguing that K-Cups are the best way to enjoy coffee or that they’re the most environmentally friendly way either because they’re neither of those things. What we are arguing is that reusable K-Cups are a quick and convenient way to enjoy coffee that is either roasted-to-order like Motorized Coffee, or coffee that you grind yourself.

Now yes, we understand that this method won’t get you the same rich and robust flavor that something like an Espresso maker would, but the convenience of getting great-tasting coffee in a fraction of the time sometimes overcomes that. I personally use the reusable cup that came with my Keurig K-Supreme Plus but there are knock-offs you can get on sites like Amazon or eBay that will do the job just fine. It’s a simple, three-piece system that combines a mesh filter with a plastic Keurig cup and a screw-on cap. Newer models like my K-Supreme Plus also have five penetrating needles which allow more water to flow into the grounds for more flavor.

Curious? Try it! There are brewers of all sizes and price levels to choose from and just as many Motorized Coffee varieties. It’s a perfect match really!

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