A word from our blogger- A Motorized Adventure

A word from our blogger- A Motorized Adventure

If you had asked me any coffee-related questions that weren’t something along the lines of “do you know what Starbucks is?”, chances are I wouldn’t be able to answer them just five months ago. Take the fast lane to today, and I’ve combined my love for going fast with a coffee that can take me to the finish line. How did it all start? Gather round the exhaust flames and let me spin you a tale.

Back in April, I saw an ad on Instagram for Motorized Coffee, an automotive-themed coffee company that promised to deliver some of the highest quality coffee available for an affordable price. I like cars but at the time I wasn’t yet drinking coffee on a regular basis. My curiosity was instantly piqued and I thought “what better way to start drinking coffee than with a brand that revolves around our love for cars?” A few dollaroos later, I had my very own bag of Motorized Coffee racing to my apartment.

Just opening the bag filled my apartment with the strong smell of freshly-roasted coffee beans and my heart started spooling up with excitement. When they said these are roasted-to-order, I knew they weren’t kidding. As my Keurig sang its way through the grounds, the smell only got stronger and my excitement grew alongside it. The first cup lived up to both the expectations and the smell of the beans; I was instantly hooked. I knew these guys deserved a lot more fame than Instagram ads could provide so being a writer for DRIVETRIBE, I thought I’d lend a hand with a written interview. As is to be expected from such premium body fuel, the article blew up and a few days later I got a DM from the owners.

“Hey, you wanna write for us?”

Or something more professional than that but you get the idea. I couldn’t say no to such an offer and over the past five months, I’ve slowly learned a little about the human equivalent of NOS. I know the difference between different brews, I know different ways of brewing coffee, and I understand why different grinds work better for certain methods of brewing. It’s crazy just how much you can accomplish in a few months and I’m super thankful to Mitch and the rest of the Motorized team for giving me this opportunity. It’s been an awesome ride so far and I can’t wait to write many more blogs for them for years to come!

If you want to celebrate Fall with a fresh Motorized flavor, fill your tank with our newest Pumpkin Spice flavored roast! I can attest that the perfect pumpkin spice flavor balance; Not overpowering but still very much effective at getting you out of the garage and onto the freeway in the morning. It’s the best of both worlds!

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