Introducing a new way to try our Motorized roasts!

Sample packs from Motorized Coffee Company

We are often asked what the best roast is or which roast we would personally recommend. Believe it or not, this is the hardest part of our job. Don’t get us wrong, we are more than happy to tell you which roast we like best but everyone has their own tastes! We are huge proponents of our customers exploring our offerings and discovering which roast best suits their taste buds. That said, it can be a little expensive to buy every single roast and discover you only like a few of them. So we’ve created Sample Packs!

At the time of writing this post, we have three 2oz Sample Packs on offer: Flavored Coffee, Top 6, and Single Origin. The Flavored Coffee Sample Pack includes six of our most popular naturally flavored coffees ranging from french vanilla to cinnabun. If you like your coffee to taste like your favorite dessert, you’ll want to give this one a shot. The Top 6 Sample Pack includes three of our top-selling roasts plus another three special ones that we think you need to try. Last up is our Single Origin Sample Pack with our top three best-selling Single Origin roasts and three other special flavors that we think are a little overlooked.

If you find your new favorite roast from one of our Sample Packs, tell us on social media @motorizedcoffee! We love featuring our fans in our posts and who knows, maybe we’ll feature you too 👀

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