What makes specialty coffee a specialty?

What does fair trade coffee really mean | Motorized Coffee Company

The Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) is one of the most important memberships a coffee roaster can have. Walking through the grocery store we bet this isn’t on your mind. While you might already know this, you might not be sure of to what extent it matters to be a member. We’re here to help get those gears going and improve your ¼ mile time when traversing through the coffee section!

Coffee Field - Fair Trade | Motorized Coffee Company

A sustainable, ethical and equitable coffee community is something we need to support. We at Motorized Coffee firmly believe that all farmers must be paid the same price for their coffee beans so that one farm doesn’t take all the business from all the others in the region by offering a lower price than the rest. These rural farmers depend on coffee sales to feed their families and providing all of them with livable wages are crucial. 

These standards ensure that there is greater equality in the international coffee trade, sustainable environmental farming practices in the farms we trade with, and better trading conditions for the coffee bean farmers. Most importantly, they prohibit child labor or physical forced labor. 

Fair Trade Coffee | Motorized Coffee Company

The results of this means that we actually end up paying more to make sure that our coffee beans come from farms that share our vision for a positive impact for the while coffee supply chain. It means that no farmer goes without food on the table and enabling the local communities to thrive. To us, that factor overshadows the increase in price.

Even if you buy coffee from sources other than Motorized Coffee (we’ll forgive you), we encourage you to support coffee companies that participate and encourage giving back to the global coffee community. Together we can provide a better quality of life for the farmers that give us our much-needed beverage and in turn, positively change the entire coffee industry. It might matter more than you ever really knew.

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