How to avoid stale grocery store coffee

How to avoid stale grocery store coffee

Coffee is as common a beverage as Honda Civic drivers swerving in and out of lanes like they are driving a Lamborghini, not a surprising at all. Since it’s such a big part of people’s lives, coffee can be bought just about anywhere including your local grocery store. While seeing a big bag of coffee for under $10 at Walmart might seem like a good deal, your tastebuds and stomach might say otherwise. You avoid those rep wheels at ¼ of the cost for a reason, here are the facts surrounding stale, sh**ty coffee.

On average, grocery stores offer coffee that has been brewed anywhere from 4 to 6 months ago. Coffee beans are only at peak freshness for about 2 to 3 weeks past roast. You wouldn’t want to pay for old gas, so why pay for old coffee? This is why online coffee is the best option to get your gears turning smoothly in the morning. Consider the coffee lane at your local grocery store as one with lots of potholes and constant construction, just avoid it all together.

At Motorized Coffee, we roast to order which means your coffee is on average only 7-10 days old when it gets to your mailbox. That's right, your coffee is never even roasted until AFTER you place your order. This ensures that the taste is still as strong as when it left our roaster, hence the explosive coffee smell when you open up the package. We get comments all the time about how their mail room smells like nothing but coffee on delivery day, that is a level of freshness we stand behind. 

The bottom line is, you get what you pay for. Cheap coffee is affordable but can leave you with a disappointing morning. Roast-to-order coffee is the closest you can get to drinking coffee straight from the roaster. You fill up on premium fuel at the gas station for a reason, why are you not treating your tank with the same level of fuel? Check out our new merch! We’ve got some brand new mugs that are just waiting to have some Race Fuel poured into them!

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